A creative media project inspired by storytelling, experimentalism and risk-taking.


The Escapist is a creative project I began to document my life as I try to navigate academics, literature, fashion, culture, and food. It is my personal-lifestyle blog open to anyone who is passionate about the way they live their lives.

I want to share my curiosity, inspiration, and passion; and I hope that you join me!


Once upon a time, in the realm of Suburbia…

I’m Helena.

I grew up in the Silicon Valley, home to techies, start-ups and entrepreneurs. I knew “Java” as programming language first, then my coffee order. And yes, every one of my hometown friends are majoring in STEM. And me? Oh yes, hello, I’m the humanities major. *Cue disappointed looks*

While my friends blazed ahead in computer science, engineering, math, and bio-chemistry, I meandered and took classes such as Latin, Classical Greek, Anatomy, Philosophy, Art, History, and as many Literature classes as I could. Today, I follow current events, politics and social issues with the same ardor that I follow fashion week trends, recipes, indie magazines, and literature.

So when it came to choosing college, it made sense for me to head to a liberal arts college.

After my freshman year, I decided to take a leave of absence/”gap year” where I travelled, interned, and did volunteer work.

When I returned to school, I still loved the students and campus, but fell out of love with my college. I felt unfocused—limited by my major and frustrated by an environment of censorship around conversation. For a prep-school student familiar with close-knit community, I became dispassionate and uninterested in my studies. I didn’t want to become another student-zombie walking the halls chasing after a job title, so I transferred.

Now I’m in NYC and trying my best to keep it real, keep it honest, and keep it looking forward.


Let’s Be Friends




I do not earn money from this blog. Whatever I feature is not going to be advertisement and reviews are my own honest opinion. I’ll be sure to let you know if there is a change in this policy or if I ever receive compensation for anything (as per FTC guidelines).


I welcome opinions and thoughts from all walks of life, including constructive criticism. Let’s keep it simple and be kind! Be respectful to each other, be patient with one another and do good.

Using my photos/art/content

Let me know! I’m open to letting people use my photography and art as long as you get my permission first. Feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you within two business days. An email through the form is all it takes because let’s be real, neither of us want to get into trouble. (I’ll probably just ask you to link back to my website and give me credit, but still email for permission. Okay? 🙂 )